Network Security and Penetration Testing (Pentest)

Stop Hackers & Sleep Soundly!

With tax season approaching, don’t risk having your home or business Wireless and Wired network broken into. You should always take network security seriously, but this time of year you cannot afford not to. According to CBS & Intuit, hackers are currently targeting CPA’s and other agencies that deal with tax information especially during tax season.

Network security, Penetration testing, pentesting. (914) 340-4446
Network security, Penetration testing, pentesting. (914) 340-4446

Hacking is always on the rise, and this year is no exception. We can analyze your network for vulnerabilities and fix them for you before the bad guys get to them. We have secured homes and companies of all sizes and offer on-site (stealth or non-stealth) penetration testing, as well as remote-testing (where we try to get in from the outside or you allow employee-level access and we try to gain privileged access to an admin account etc.).

Why would you need to secure your network?

  • - Wireless networks on average take less than 2 hours to break into, passwords are not a solution.
  • - Tax companies and CPA's are prime targets for hackers - worldwide and locally.
  • - Any private information on your network that is stolen could be your responsibility.
  • - Anyone storing private information should have their network(s) regularly checked for security flaws and update them daily.
  • - There are many other services and ways to get at the information on your network other than Wireless Hacking; we offer to expose those and correct them.
  • - Many of the programs on your computer may offer exploits, such as CCleaner.
  • - Your employees might be putting you at risk by downloading programs they think are harmless.
  • - You might already be comprised and don't even realize it.


What's Next?

To provide you with excellent service and a quote we will need to know a little more about your company. Ideally, we would like to speak with one of your I.T. personnel or someone that has an understanding of the majority of your network. If you don't have anyone - we can still help you.

What's About After?

We provide I.T. services and follow-up's to help correct all the problems found and help keep you secure. Please let our representatives know if you would like to discuss an on-going contract or just a one-time test / test and remediation.


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