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Westchester Data Recovery & Computer Forensics

We perform data recovery on computers and other devices that crashed due to viruses or other means. If you have another device such as an external hard drive, flash drive (USB thumb drive), tablet or cell phone we can recover your data also. We have a 90% recovery rate and do not charge you if we cannot recover your data.

We’ve been recovering files for more than a decade in Westchester. Whether it’s your  personal photos you lost or an important business server that has crashed, we can help.

How to Know If You Need Our Data Recovery Services

If any of these cases sound like something your device(s) may be experiencing please call (914) 340-4446.

  1.  My computer won’t start up and I can’t get to my files
  2.  My external hard drive was working but it isn’t anymore
  3. My computer recently experienced an issue and I can’t find my Quicken, QuickBooks, or other important files
  4.  I deleted files by accident and need them back
  5.  I forgot my computer password and need to get my files back (must be able to prove you own the device; we can assist but you’ll need your ID)
  6.  I have an newer/older computer and need to get the files off of it and onto another computer or hard drive
  7.  My computer just shows a black screen (with or without an error)
  8.  My computer keeps showing a blue screen and turning off and I cannot get to my files

There are many other situations where you might be in need of data recovery. These are the most common. We do not charge for a free phone consultation and provide free price quotes (not estimates).

Our Guarantee

If you are worried about your losing your files, don’t be. What if we told you that we won’t charge you if we can’t get your files back? We offer an option to drop-off your device (or mail it) and if you choose either of those options we do not charge for instances where we cannot recover any of your files. If we come to you to recover the data, the minimum on-site charge for data recovery diagnostics is $95. We also offer pickup/return service for $95 (round-trip) within our service areas (Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange). For customers that bring the device(s) to us, there is no charge unless we successfully recover your data. To find out how much that will cost, contact us.

Turn Around Time

Typically we can recover a home computers data within 24-48 hours. Larger hard drives (those who have a lot of data on a new computer or those who may have upgraded their hard drives beyond 1TB) may take more time. Time doesn’t impact the cost to you. This is completely local and nothing is mailed out to another company. With few exceptions 24 hours is the quickest time you can expect. Please call to describe your situation so we can help you best.

We look forward to assisting you!



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